VMware Player error message “This host support Intel vt-x, but Intel VT-x is disabled” [SOLVED]


VMware Player “This host supports Intel VT-x, but Intel VT-x is disabled.” when trying to install an Operating System on the VMWare, I had the issue when trying to install Kali Linux.

The reason you get this error is because Virtual Technology (VT-x) is turned off in the motherboard BIOS settings. You need to reboot the computer then press on the F2, F8, F10, F12 or DEL key to go into BIOS settings.

Depending on your computer model or the model of the motherboard, you will need to press on the different key to get into the BIOS. When you boot up the computer it should tell you on the screen.

Under Security > System Security you will find the option to enable VT.



VMware Workstation VMs shows Network Cable Unplugged After Windows 10 Update


After my machine had a Windows update all of my VMs in VMware Workstation 11 were showing “Network Cable Unplugged” when I tried to use them.

I also got an error stating that my Bridged Connection was unavailable.

Here’s what I did to fix that:

Power off all your VMs
In VMware Workstation go to Edit > Virtual Network Editor
Choose to change settings and say OK to run as admin
If you have static IPs or IP ranges you want to keep, note them
Choose “Restore Defaults” at the bottom

You dont need to make any changes to your VM’s everything should be resolved after you do the above.



Change Hardware Compatibility


I ran into an error when i moved my virtual machines from an old machine to my new one. I was using the same version of VMware but I got a hardware compatibility error.

Luckily the fix for this was quite straight forward and quick.