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The guide below applies to installing components on machines with Windows operating systems.

In order to compile a script for the VDA install you will need your Xenapp Media and you will need to copy the contents to an accessible location, I stored mine on a network share.

Once your Files have finished copying, navigate to the folder and open this location:  “\x64\XenDesktop Setup” Here is where you will save your script.

Open Notepad and copy and paste the script below:

"%~dp0XenDesktopVdaSetup.exe" /QUIET /noreboot /components VDA /controllers vpvdi-xdc1-prod,vpvdi-xdc2-prod,drvdi-xdc1-prod,drvdi-xdc2-prod

The above command installs the VDA on a client machine without rebooting it, you can also specify your Controllers here too. I have highlighted where you will need to make your amendments for this. The “%~dp0” variable when referenced within a Windows batch file will expand to the drive letter and path of that batch file.

Save the Script as “Install.BAT” in the “\x64\XenDesktop Setup” folder,


You will also need to amend a registry key to register the Client with the Controller.

Open another notepad document and paste the following:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Replace <SERVERNAME> with your server names, include the spaces and save the notepad document as “ListofDDCS.reg”

You will also need to add another line to your Install.BAT file, it should look like this:

"%~dp0XenDesktopVdaSetup.exe" /QUIET /noreboot /components VDA /controllers vpvdi-xdc1-prod,vpvdi-xdc2-prod,drvdi-xdc1-prod,drvdi-xdc2-prod
regedit /s "%~dp0ListofDDCS.reg"

Hope this helps!