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Below is a script I have written that will allow the Uninstall of Office 2010 to be done Silently. I used this script in conjunction with SCCM 2012 as there was a requirement to remove Office 2010 from a few hundred machines.

The script will Map a network location to the machine and allow the setup.exe file to use the Office Config.XML file.

Please note that you will need to edit your config.XML file FIRST before executing this script. The config file is located within the Office 2010\ProPlus.WW folder.

Please see the Script below, In the <Server Location of Office> you will need to remove this and paste the UNC path of your Office Media. An example of this is: \\MyServerName\Applications\Office 2010\

net use y: "<Server Location of Office>"

cd Y:\

setup.exe /uninstall ProPlus /config Y:ProPlus.WW\config.xml