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Exam Tips for Creating an S3 Bucket

  • Buckets are a universal namespace, you cannot have the same name as someone else using aws because each bucket is assigned a unique DNS name.
  • Upload an object to S3 to receive a HTTP 200 code while uploading with command line utilities.
  • Encryption
    • Client Side Encryption.
    • Server Side Encryption.
      • Amazon S3 Managed Keys (SSE-S3)
      • KMS (SSE-KMS)
      • Customer Provided Keys (SSE-C)
  • Control access to buckets using either a bucket ACL or using Bucket Policies.
  • By Default Buckets are private and all objects stored within them.


S3 – Versioning Exam Tips

  • Stores all versions of an object (file) this includes all writes and even if you delete the object.
  • Great backup tool.
  • Once enabled, Versioning cannot be disabled only suspended.
  • Integrates with Lifecycle rules.
  • Versioning’s MFA delete capability, which uses Multi-Factor Authentication, can be used to provide an additional layer of security.