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Questions and Answers for the MCSA Certified Professional

  1. What is an application partition?
    A: Application partitions are directory partitions that are replicated to domain controllers. These are part of the AD system. Application Partitions contain a list of Objects but not Security Principles.
  2. Where is the location of the Active Directory Database?
    A: The database is stored on all domain controllers and is accessible by network applications. The path to the database is: C:\Windows\NTDS\NTDS.dit
  3. What are the new features introduced in Active Directory 2008?
    A: Read-Only Domain Controllers and Fine-Grain Password Policy
  4. What is a Windows Server Backup?
    A: Windows Server Backup is a feature that was released for Windows Server 2008 that provides a number of backup solutions for your Server. The application can back up a few files to the entire server.
  5. What are pass through discs?
    A: This is a physical dick used for storing virtual discs and it has a disc format in the system.
  6. What are Synthetic drivers?
    A: Synthetic Drivers are different than emulated drivers, they don’t imitate another program but rather create another hardware complex device on a virtual platform.
  7. What is Desktop Virtualization?
    A: Desktop Virtualization is to emulate another OS or the same OS on the current machines hardware using a software application.
  8. What is Brand Cache?
    A: Branch Cache is designed to improve application responsiveness and reduce WAN link utilization so that servers can be accessed from remote locations easily.
  9. What is Direct Access?
    A: Direct Access enabled users to access the websites, applications and internal network resources from outside their infrastructures network.
  10. What is DAC?
    A: MS Direct Access Control or DAC is a data governance tool in windows server 2012 that allows administrators to control access settings.