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When i first started tinkering with App-V most of my packaged applications failed due to write permissions. One specifically I had issues with was Adobe Acrobat Professional X. I stumbled across an option within the sequencer after you edit a package which allows windows to edit the Virtual File System.

So how  do I gain access to write to the VFS?

There will be a checkbox available under the Advanced tab in the Package Editor [The one which you’ll get when you edit an .AppV Package] as shown in the Screenshot below. By default, this setting will be disabled. If you check this option, Package will gain Write Access to VFS Locations.

Open any of your existing packages and click on the “Advanced” tab to see the options:

I personally click on all 3 boxes to avoid any issues with the package once its deployed, remember the original package will not be altered but it will only be amended by the file-system once its installed.