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The Components of a Citrix Infrastructure

In this post I will go over the components of a Citrix infrastructure and how they all fit together.

These are Notes from the Citrix Xenapp / Xendesktop 7.5 CCA Course.



StoreFront Server

The storefront server is essentially the “front door”, it is a website which is used as a gateway to your companies Citrix Environment. Through this portal users will be able to access applications and desktops that have been provisioned by their Citrix administrator.

Delivery Controller

A delivery controller is used to broker the connection between the user and the resource they are trying to access, delivery controllers also provide machine creation services which create desktop and server images.


The Machine Creation Services are a component of Xendesktop which is used to provision desktops via a custom image stored in your environments HyperVisor. The service configures, starts, stops and deletes virtual machines within the HyperVisor.


The HyperVisor is responsible for creating and managing the virtual machines, MCS will send the commands that the HyperVisor will put into action.


A storage attached network, this is a computer that provides block level storage to the network to enhance storage devices on the network.

Provisional Services

This is an operating system streaming technology that offers single image update management.

Licensing Server

This is a lightweight server that provides licenses for your Citrix Products.


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