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The tool Orca.exe is a database editor of windows installer files (*.msi). You can create and edit .msi files and merge modules:

The tool is helpful if you need some more insight into *.msi files – however orca.exe is a bit tricky to find – Here is my way:

  1. download the Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (ISO)Windows 7 SDK
  2. opened Iso file (or burn on DVD and insert disk)
  3. navigate to folder \Setup\WinSDKTools
  4. open cab1.cab
  5. Right click WinSDK_Orca_Msi_5E20C107_DAA3_4D49_AFAE_7FB2594F0CDC_x86 –> Extract to a folder of your choice –> add .msi to the file name –> install

Once installed – when you right click a *.msi file you get the context menu Edit with Orca