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Notes for S3 – Amazon Solutions Architect Associate (AWS)

  • In order for cross region replication to work versioning will need to be enabled on the original bucket.
  • You can replicate the entire bucket or specific sub-folders.
  • On the bucket you are replicating too you can change the storage class.
  • Only new objects or objects that we update or change that will be replicated once replication has been enabled.
  • The best way to copy the contents of an existing bucket to a new one would be to use the command line too.
  • The regions that you create your buckets in must be unique, you cannot replicate a bucket that’s in the same region.
  • You cannot replicate to multiple buckets or daisy chain them at this time.
  • Deletion markers are replicated.
  • Deleting individual versions or delete markers will NOT be replicated.