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Login to SCCM and navigate to “Assets and Compliance” and “Device Collections”

Right Click in an empty space and “create device collection”

Give the collection a name using the correct naming convention and a comment.

Under “Limiting Collection” select “All Desktop Clients” and press next

Tick “Incremental Updates” and “Schedule Full Update” then press continue.


You will get a pop up message appear but press OK and continue to the next page.


Press next and close the window, you will see your new group created with no members.


You will need to add devices (members) to this group.


Click on “Devices” and search for your machine by typing the hostname in the search bar.



Right click on the machine and “Add Selected Items > Add Selected Items To Existing Device Collection”



Find your Collection and press OK


Give it 2 – 3 minutes for the device to show up.


Navigate to the “Administration” Tab and right click in an empty space, click on “Create Custom Client Device Settings”




Name your new settings and give meaningful example

Tick the box “Remote Tools”


Click on “Remote Tools” that has now appeared on the left

Click on “Configure”


Tick the first 2 options, “Enable Remote Control on Client Computers” and “Domain” then press OK


Please see screenshot for the relevant settings


Once done Right Click on your new settings and select “Deploy”



You will then need to find and select your previously created collection


Once completed you will need to right click on your settings and Increase the Priority (3 to 4 is recommended, you will see a number to the right of your settings, you will want to decrease it.)

Lastly you will need to manually update the policy for SCCM on the devices that have been added to your collection

When logged into the local machine you will need to navigate to “control panel”

Once here click on “Configuration Manager” and click on the “Actions” Tab

Below I have highlighted the settings that need to be run manually, click on each one individually and select “Run now” at the bottom right


A Pop-up window will appear, just press OK.


You should now be able to remotely connect to the machines in your collection.