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I ran into an issue where a machine wouldn’t download updates from Microsoft, the machine had internet connection and was newly built so i know there were updates pending but Windows update wouldn’t pick anything up! I found this handy little tool that resolved my issue and i thought id share!

Windows Update MiniTool is a free alternative to the standard Windows Update, it puts you in control of updates by allowing you to search, install and block Windows updates as you please.

Windows Update MiniTool Will provide the follow options:

  • Check for updates
  • Download updates
  • Installing Updates
  • Deleting installed updates
  • Hiding unwanted updates
  • Get direct links to the *.cab / *.Exe / *.Psf update files
  • View update history
  • Configure Automatic Updates
  • This tool is like the external powershell module PSWindowsUpdate, but much more advanced and user-friendly features
  • The tool relies and use same WU infrastructure, all downloading are through WU — it’s not a downloader



Ref: http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/windows_update_minitool.html